Saturday, January 26, 2013

Herr Doktor Steampunk IS NOT Herr Döktor's Laboratory!!

It has come to my notice, in the last few days, that an enterprising individual is selling items under the name of "Herr Doktor Steampunk": note the absence of the umlaut in his title; this is not me, nor are his items made by me- they have a website that comes up after this blog when you search "Herr Doktor", but not when you search "Herr Döktor", as well as a Facebook page and a Twitter account- do check for the "ö", and the name "Herr Döktor's Lab/Laboratory", it's the only guarantee that the Döktor is in!


Meanwhile, here are some of my 'in progress' works:


This is a modification of an existing "toy" robot parrot, stripped of it's feathers, and clad in plastic to represent metal plating- this is being made for a well-known author to promote one of his novels, should be finished within the week, after which I will show more of it and it's making.


Imagine, if you will, that after the failed Martian Invasion, the British Govt 'reverse-engineered' much of the captured Martian technology, and took the War of the Worlds back to Mars, using three-legged tanks of their own design:

Seen here on The Workbench of Considerable Untidiness, which here stands in for the ravaged surface of Mars.

And powered down, with all it's hatches open, and a small figurine at the access ladder, to give some idea of scale, which, is, by the way, 1/35th life-size.


What's that coming over the hill? Is it a MARTIAN?

Well, yes: clearly it is. And a closer look at the head of the beast, in a slightly more complete form:

Hopefully have the Martian Dog Fight Double finished for the Surrey Steampunk Convivial in February...

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