Monday, November 1, 2010

Princess Alice- Property of a Lady

A weapon for a Lady, constructed from the finest hardwood, silver plated steel, aluminium, and chromed brass, this pistol features a red power indicator at the back, and a spring loaded trigger, the hardwood has been varnished and polished to a high degree.

You can clearly see the red power indicator in the above picture.

Here is the aluminium butt plate and lanyard ring

This pistol is named after Princess Alice, and all her good works.

Airship (or Zeppelin) Commander's Equipment

If one is a commander of an Hydrogen-filled airship, one needs to have the confidence inspired by protection from fire and explosion; to this end, I present the fire extinguishing helmet, equipped with a brass water sprinkler that will activate via the breaking of a fluid filled vial, keeping the flames at bay.

Also shown is the non-explosive pistol, a device that allows one to defend oneself without fear of spark or heat causing combustion of explosive gas. This pistol is named "Help the Aged", after the emporium that supplied many of the components.

Not shown are the earthing spurs: boot spurs that have a chain and a weight, allowing the wearer to be earthed to the aluminium deck of the airship at all times, thus minimising the possibility of static sparks.

The uniform includes small extinguishers on a Sam Brown belt, and larger brass extinguisher mounted on a holster on the left hip.

Recommended for timid or cowardly aerial mariners.