Monday, October 11, 2010

Miss Emily Ladybird's Absinthe Fairy Wings

Here you can see the lovely Miss Emily Ladybird sporting her truly wonderful Absinthe Fairy Ball Gown, with the equally wonderful working fairy wings!

Miss Ladybird commissioned the construction of said wings some months before the Asylum Steampunk Convivial in Lincoln, for delivery at said event, the lady was overjoyed with them, and has graciously allowed me to share some images of the device and herself with you:

As you can see, the fluorescent green acrylic wings are illuminated with Ultra-Violet Light-Emitting-Diodes- the plastic itself converts the invisible rays into visible light, giving a most pleasing effect.

The other outstanding feature of these wings is thus revealed- they FLAP! A switch on the small cylindrical device on the end on the coiled wire actuates a geared motor, which in turn operates the flapping of the wings, at a frequency of approximately 50 beats per minute.

Miss Ladybird keeps the switch in her garter.

For more information on the lovely work of the lovely Miss Emily Ladybird, please allow me to direct the inquisitive reader here:

And Miss Ladybirds blog may be viewed here:

Many thanks to Captain Ulysses Hack for the use of the photograph of Miss Ladybird, his truly wonderful pictures of the Inmates of the Asylum may be found here, and his blog here.