Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Celestial Sphere

Once one has a Space Helmet to gad about on the surface of a distant world, how does one actually get there?

Why, by steam-powered CELESTIAL SPHERE, of course!

The ship on it's launch platform

Bird's-eye view

The view you would get as you approach the Ship

The cargo door and crane

Launch platform and shunter

This project took place over several months, and a detailed account of it's construction may be found here:

Per Ardua, Ad Astra!


Art Donovan said...

Good Lord!

That is beautiful.
Congratulations, Herr Doktor.

Anonymous said...

Awesome piece here. Suprised by choice of materials (thinking it was all brass and glass)Love it.

Paul Eric et Sophie said...

those blast engine are so non now. the rest is pure win. very good architecture details.

Ola Røyseland said...


I am a amature filmmaker from norway. I was woundering if i may be alowed to use an image of your spasehip in an animation in a new film i am making?

My previous silly work kan be seen here:

And the way i would use you ship is as follows:

I really hope you will let me, its such a great piece of design. If not i will delete the trailer, of course. Please let me know.

I can be reached through or

Oldschool said...

This is unbelieveble cool, extraordinary scratchbuilding, hope you visit some days Cyriacus Capitol
August Fidelius Hammerman