Saturday, November 22, 2008

Steamboy's STEAMBALL

I only got around to seeing the rather excellent anime film Steamboy a few weeks ago, and I was rather taken with the key device, the Steamball.

So I made one:


Baron von Fogel said...

Excellent reproduction! What did you use for the basic sphere shape to start with?

Miss Ladybird said...

Of course you did!
smashing steamboy old thing, love it!

Herr Döktor said...

Why, thankyou! The basic sphere is a 16cm clear acrylic Christams bauble, made by Rayher Hobby of Germany.

TheHatter said...

This is just so beautiful

it would be mega awesome if you posted a toutoral on how to make one

Capcom said...

I only recently saw Steamboy as well, and really love your reproduction of his apparatus!