Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embroidered badges (or patches) in My Etsy Emporium!

I've finally got some special insignia produced for you lovely people, and they are available in my Etsy Shop, first up is the classic "Herr Döktor's Laboratory " logogram, in exquisite black and white:


Next is the "Minion (First Class)"* badge, which you may wear with pride, knowing that you are helping Herr Döktor make the world a better place by doing his bidding:


Thirdly, you can demonstrate that you are a true devotee to the cause, by wearing this "Victim (Second Class)** badge:


Please enjoy these small offerings, and do tell your friends!

*No actual minioning required, no allegiance required, no hard work or heavy lifting.

**No actual victimisation, no actual harm or experimentation to be done upon your person, no unpleasant bending.

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