Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tales from the ASYLUM

Please allow me to direct you to this fine publication: Tales from the ASYLUM, a linked collection of short stories by a number of authors, set in a mental Asylum, that may or may not have it's own secrets...

It is a fine read, and I'm not just saying that because I wrote one or two of the tales!

It is available from the above link, and also from Amazon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Princess Alice- Property of a Lady

A weapon for a Lady, constructed from the finest hardwood, silver plated steel, aluminium, and chromed brass, this pistol features a red power indicator at the back, and a spring loaded trigger, the hardwood has been varnished and polished to a high degree.

You can clearly see the red power indicator in the above picture.

Here is the aluminium butt plate and lanyard ring

This pistol is named after Princess Alice, and all her good works.

Airship (or Zeppelin) Commander's Equipment

If one is a commander of an Hydrogen-filled airship, one needs to have the confidence inspired by protection from fire and explosion; to this end, I present the fire extinguishing helmet, equipped with a brass water sprinkler that will activate via the breaking of a fluid filled vial, keeping the flames at bay.

Also shown is the non-explosive pistol, a device that allows one to defend oneself without fear of spark or heat causing combustion of explosive gas. This pistol is named "Help the Aged", after the emporium that supplied many of the components.

Not shown are the earthing spurs: boot spurs that have a chain and a weight, allowing the wearer to be earthed to the aluminium deck of the airship at all times, thus minimising the possibility of static sparks.

The uniform includes small extinguishers on a Sam Brown belt, and larger brass extinguisher mounted on a holster on the left hip.

Recommended for timid or cowardly aerial mariners.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Miss Emily Ladybird's Absinthe Fairy Wings

Here you can see the lovely Miss Emily Ladybird sporting her truly wonderful Absinthe Fairy Ball Gown, with the equally wonderful working fairy wings!

Miss Ladybird commissioned the construction of said wings some months before the Asylum Steampunk Convivial in Lincoln, for delivery at said event, the lady was overjoyed with them, and has graciously allowed me to share some images of the device and herself with you:

As you can see, the fluorescent green acrylic wings are illuminated with Ultra-Violet Light-Emitting-Diodes- the plastic itself converts the invisible rays into visible light, giving a most pleasing effect.

The other outstanding feature of these wings is thus revealed- they FLAP! A switch on the small cylindrical device on the end on the coiled wire actuates a geared motor, which in turn operates the flapping of the wings, at a frequency of approximately 50 beats per minute.

Miss Ladybird keeps the switch in her garter.

For more information on the lovely work of the lovely Miss Emily Ladybird, please allow me to direct the inquisitive reader here:

And Miss Ladybirds blog may be viewed here:

Many thanks to Captain Ulysses Hack for the use of the photograph of Miss Ladybird, his truly wonderful pictures of the Inmates of the Asylum may be found here, and his blog here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lady Raygun's 'Lady Raygun'

A special commission from the fabled father of Far Fetched Fiction, Commodore Robert Rankin, FVSS, for his good lady wife, Lady Raygun:

Here she is with the flash arrestor (or the metal bit on the front) screwed into place, and powered up- the purple ball glows blue, and the insets on the body flicker yellow, the trigger is spring loaded, but doesn't do anything- if there's one thing I've learnt about making rayguns, it's that if there is a trigger, people will pull it...

A close up of the label, with bad jokes.

It's made from odds and ends culled from charity shops, and placed within a slightly foxed (or more likely badgered) burr walnut veneer box- which required new hinges, which I had to modify into the sort that hold the lid open at 90° to the base, which was an interesting experience.

The Lady Raygun was presented to Lady Raygun during a very fine Indian meal at the Asylum Steampunk Convivial in Lincoln, and I'm very pleased to say the lady in question was overjoyed with her gift.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quiet, Isn't It?

By 'It' I mean 'me', and by 'Quiet' I mean 'I don't seem to have been very busy, do I?'- Rest assured, Gentle Reader, I have been very busy, but as much of that which I have been busy with is Top Secret until after the 'Asylum', you will have to be patient

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of the one and only Rolls-Royce Phantom I Joncheere Coupe:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Great Exhibition Reporting

The BBC has called on my talents again, this time at White Mischief's 'The Great Exhibition':

Steampunks gather for Great Exhibition

I heartily recommend any future White Mischief parties, as a confirmed non-clubgoer, I found this event to be a very open, friendly and not-at-all run of the mill event!

Click here for more information.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cruentus Ervum Stella Martis Vulgaris

Or, the Common Martian Red Weed:

Found nestling in the rotting hulk of an ancient oak over on the local common, not far from where one of the Martian Cylinders landed just over a century ago.

It's very rare to find a specimen, as our microbes tend to attack them as much as their spores attack our flora, so I've had to build a filtration system and bellows to keep it going:



And the mechanism in action:

(it's a bit noisy, but I've got a replacement motor and gearbox on the way)