Friday, September 23, 2011

"STEAM PISTOL" Revisited

Just over two years ago, I finished my Steam Pistol (see here for more details), since then, the metallic finish had become tarnished, the markings had begun to peel, and the wood effect plastic handle had begun to get on my nerves.

So, over a quiet weekend, I found the time to re-finish the old girl:

Close-up of the new markings:

These have been etched on brass using salt-water electrolysis, a simple but very effective method:

The new handle has been hand turned on a lathe from a piece of cedar, or possibly mahogany (the joy of off-cuts!):
The metallic finish is a chrome-effect over gloss black, giving a very bright, highly metallic finish.


Justicar said...

Alas, I must admire your handiwork. I am myself not at all artistically inclined in anyway fashion at all.


Swede said...

Sir, found your blog from and was wondering if you have a source for the "NOT a typo" comment regarding the outlined but never written "United States Calvary".

Cheers. Working on an Amazon reading list for Dark Future, and general Dark Future history. Oxymoron not intended. Incidentally, someone should write a book with that title, just on general principle to view the general literary carnage and uproar that would follow, irrespective of subject matter.

Herr Döktor said...

I found the information on a website devoted to "Dark Future", it makes for an interesting read:

And thank you, Mr. Justicar, for your praise!

Comiclover said...

Esteemed Döktor,
Thanks for all your mighty and wonderful inventions.
I made a link to your blog on my own blog ( let more people enjoy your wonders.

Herr Döktor said...

Why, thank you for your interest!

I've had a look at your own web log, and it is full of the most interesting things!