Thursday, September 15, 2011

The "COMMODORE" Plasma Ray Pistol

Back from the ASYLUM (Europe's largest Steampunk Convivial), where I was able to deliver this little item to it's new owner:

It comes in a velvet lined box, and has a pair of tools and a flask of liquid plasma:

You might just be able to make out the label, and that it is "My Favourite!", according to one N. Tesla:

Delivered by hand to it's new owner, one Mr. Robert Rankin, the well known wit, raconteur and writer of far-fetched-fiction, this now completes a pair of rayguns, the other belonging to his good lady wife, Lady Raygun, which may be seen here.

The Commodore was most gratified to receive his raygun, and I shall hopefully soon have a picture of the presentation to share with you.

1 comment:

Silver said...

Alright, I know I am late to the post, as it were, but I have only recently discovered your location.
I have to say, this is quite possibly the most impressive item I have seen to date in this genre. Marvelously well done. Beautiful! I commend you.