Monday, April 27, 2009


It's all been a bit busy in the Castle D'arrogance recently, trying to finish a couple of my own projects and a small commission: a modified gauntlet for a Zeppelin crew member:


It has been tinted with a brass finish, and has an altitude gauge, with a bright, variably flashing warning lamp.


My own projects are a slug-throwing steam powered pistol, here in it's constituant parts:


And all together in it's primer coat:


I'll give it it's own write up when it's completely finished.

And my my second project is a Steampunk Sonic Screwdriver, variously called a 'Sonic Steamdriver', 'Steamdriver', or 'Ætheric Screwdriver':


It, of course, has the requisite lights and sound (liberated from a 'toy' Sonic), and switches from red to blue:

Photobucket Photobucket

'Overload' warning lamp on the back:


And with it's 'descendants':

(you can 'click' on the above photos to see them in a larger size, I'm getting the hang of this now...)


Republic Defender said...

Very stunning Herr Doktor! Another great item, I really like the collection of sonic drivers. Keep up the great work.


Michael Gradin said...

Any chance of a how to or parts list for this, Herr Doktor?

I wants one.

Unknown said...


I have a proposition of a commission for Herr Doktor, I love your work, and have a very exciting project to propose to you. I'm trying to get in touch. What is the best way?